My Testimony, Vision and Mission


Praise the Lord!


 I was born in a traditional Hindu Family. My parents and ancestors are very devoted Hindus and was of much service in the Hindu temples. I am the youngest son in a family of seven members. From my early years, I was a very devoted Hindu. I visited many well known Hindu Temples in India like Thirupathi, Palani and I shaved my head as a part of a vow made to a particular deity. I dressed up in saffron-colored habit as a symbol of specific devotion to the Hindu Gods. I met a Saint named  Sankaracharya swamigal in Kanchipuram, India on 2 occasions to obtain his blessings.


When I was 25 years of age, I fell in love with a Christian Girl and got married. In 1979, we moved to West Germany to work and live. While in Germany, we were blessed with a son and daughter.  In 1986 we moved to Canada and being financially secure purchased a House and property.


On the morning of July 24th 1990, just after I started my work, I felt senselessness in my tongue, and my vision became blurred. I rushed to the Emergency Services accompanied by my wife. The Neurologist after checking me out told me, "This is a minor stroke and you are very lucky". He then sent me to a Specialist the next day and I was subject to additional tests and concluded that mine was a hereditary condition for which there was presently no known cure or medication.  I was recommended Massage Therapy. I was aware of many members of my family who had died of similar symptoms. I progressively lost sensation in the left side of my mouth, my eye and tongue.


I prayed to my Hindu Gods however with no results. After a lapse of about 2 weeks many of my Christian friends visited me and spoke about Jesus as the true God, and requested me to place my complete faith on the Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him as Lord and Savior. This made me very irritated and angry and I scolded them.


 I was in my bedroom one day and in a very depressed state, when at 12 noon, I heard a voice say, "I am the true God Jesus Christ. If you come to me you will be healed and you should serve for me." I rushed to the kitchen and related the incident to my wife. We then contacted the Christian friends who had previously visited me and told them of our desire to attend Church. Consequently, we attended Sunday Service and during the service I felt a peculiar sensation which is difficult to describe. I could not withhold my tears which flowed freely. After the service, I was prayed for. From that day, even though I was still sick and not healed, I felt a great sense of peace in my mind. After 2 days, on a  Tuesday morning, when I washed my face and gargled my mouth, I noticed that I was able to hold the water in my mouth -  something I had not been able to do since I lost the muscular control in my mouth.  I was so overjoyed; I began checking myself in the mirror and realized that I could move my eyes cheeks and tongue too.


Immediately I rushed to my wife with delight and we both cried and prayed and thanked the Lord for the healing. From that day, I realized that the Lord Jesus Christ is the true living God. I removed all the pictures of Hindu Gods and idols and relegated them to garbage and disposal.  This change made a big impact on all my friends and relatives.


I continued with worship in the Church during which many pastors mentioned that the Lord had spoken to them regarding me. I became confused and asked myself why the Lord did not speak to me directly. I presumed that this was due to my sinful state. I began to avoid all the things which I considered sinful and waited on the Lord wanting Him to speak to me. I waited many months.  


Early one morning on October 10th, 1991, to be exact, I went to the washroom and came back to bed. When I was in the bed, I heard a loud voice say, "I blessed you". I was so shocked I got up from my bed. I noticed the time was 1:50 a.m. The same Voice once again said, "I blessed you. You are a blessed man". Minutes later, the same voice for the third time repeated the words, "I blessed you, you are a blessed man for many others." Soon after this third repetition, I heard my wife, who was sleeping by my side say, ďLook Kanthan how much the LORD loves us".  I replied and said, "Yes, it is true" and after praying and praising I went back to sleep. When I woke in the Morning I asked my wife, "Why made you say last night that the LORD loves us so much?" She replied, "When did I say that? I did not say anything last night." I became quite confused because I was fully awake the previous night when I heard her voice clearly say the words. The next morning, as I was getting into my Car to leave for work, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "I confirmed what I spoke to you, by talking through your wife, when she was asleep." This gave me so much joy and peace of mind to realise that I had not imagined the occurrences of the previous night.


This event is a most unforgettable event in my life and more wonderful than the healing I received. I shared this great experience with my Lord, with many Pastors. They mentioned that the LORD has anointed me to serve him and they also requested me to pray for them. Since then until the present moment the LORD has answered each and every prayer miraculously and wonderfully.


In obedience to the Lordís word, on July 26th1993, I commenced a House prayer meeting.  Following the miracles and wonders by the Lord in these prayer meetings, the attendance grew in proportion and we prayed for a larger premises. The Lord surprisingly, showed me this Church, at 25 Sewells Road.  When we went and talked to the Church Committee, they agreed to rent the Church for a very low rent, to conduct our worship and prayer meetings. 


 We started the first prayer service on June 4th 1994. From that day onwards, the Lord keeps adding more and more believers in a wonderful manner. We published 5 devotional Song Cassettes and over 100 Hindu and Catholic converts have been baptized.


Our vision is to reach the 200,000 Tamil-speaking people in Toronto and share with them the gospel and the Good news about the true Lord Jesus Christ, and bring them to Christ.

From now on, once  every 5 years, we intend visiting  our Homeland Srilanka to spread the Gospel and bring people to Christ.


With GODíS blessing, we want to make many servants to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. We also want to help those who serve the Lord, in poor and difficult situations, in Sri Lanka and India.  I am always in prayer, to listen to the Lord and obey his great command.


On Oct 14th1997, very early in the morning, I had the same vision twice. I remembered very vividly the details of the vision and I was able to capture it in a sketch and obtained the services of an artist to give it perfection. This drawing is now displayed in our Church. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord is going to fulfill the message depicted in this picture  and in His time,  He will provide a great outpouring in our Church  to glorify His great name because :


Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.    Amen.

Pastor Chandrakanthan

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