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Holy BIBLE in Tamil (Text)
Holy Bible in Tamil Language, Bible Word search in Tamil and many more Bible Links

Holy BIBLE in Tamil, English and much more!
Holy Bible in Tamil, English and much more and also word search

Holy BIBLE in Tamil (Real Audio)
Holy Bible in Audio file and also search, compare in english and much more

Holy BIBLE in nine Languages
Bible Gateway - Search the Bible in Nine Languages and Multiple Bible Versions
English, German, Swedish, Latin, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Tagalog, Norwegian

Brethren in Christ Church Canada and its World Missions
We value the free gift of salvation in Christ Jesus and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit......

Back to the Bible - Srilanka
Daily devotioal reading in Tamil/Sinhala, and much more

Back to the Bible - Canada Office

TODAY - The Family Altar
Daily Devotional from Back to God Ministries International

Christ Unlimited Ministries
Bible Answers, Bible Audio version and much more

Appius Forum by Dr. Alexander Harris - Last Days Harvest Ministries
Research on the Impact of Christianity from the 1st century AD
on Hinduism and Buddhism is presented. Research on Islam is also presented in this website.

Galilean International Films and Television Service
Galilean International Films and Television Services (GIFTS) of India was established in the year 1978. Its objective is to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through visual-media such as films, videos, television and satellite programs for harvest-oriented communication.

Agni Ministries - Sadhu Chellappa
Sadhu Chellappa has been in the forefront of Evangelism in Tamil Nadu, India and the world for over three decades. A powerful speaker and a scholar in Hinduism and Hindu philosophy, he has written numerous books and preached in all the five continents.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
BGEA exists to support the evangelistic ministry and calling of Billy Graham to take the message of Christ to all we can by every prudent means available to us.

Tamil Christian Pages!
Songs, Messages and many more Christian website links.....

Canaan Children's Home
The Canaan Children's Home was begun with a great desire to help the children who were on the streets of Jaffna peninsula.

Korea-World Mission Conference 2008

Christian Television Ministries - Europe

God bless you all

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